July 22, 2018


Baraza African Cultures Center was formed in 2009 to serve as a strong connection between the various African communities and the greater Kansas City community. For several years Baraza hosted the Kansas City July 4th Celebration that attracted Africans from across the US to Kansas City for a 3 day celebration of independence and African cultures.

Through this, Baraza gained a reputation as a connecting point to the local African communities as well as between them. The Kansas City July 4th Celebration was built on the universals of culture, i.e., food, sports & the arts. While these are a great starting point for understanding & appreciation, a deeper and more genuine understanding & appreciation are needed for communities to truly be integrated and functional as a multi-cultural community.

We deepend and enhanced the services offered through diverse learning opportunities led by certified diversity & inclusion trainers, stronger connections with the multitude of cultural, national and ethnic organizations from the region and strong working relationships with businesses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and civic organization.

Today Baraza stands as not only THE leading organization when looking for education focused on Africans/African cultures & refugees, we are a go to entity for diversity, inclusion, team building, & leadership training. We also specialize in cultural event planning.