Our Impact

We have broadened what we offer to businesses and other organizations across KC in terms of diversity & inclusion training, cultural proficiency and preparation for trips and/or doing business abroad. We assist in improving businesses practices, procedures and understand leading to a better meeting business goals and gaining a higher ROI.

Through this, Baraza gained a reputation as a connecting point to the local African communities as well as between them. The Kansas City July 4th Celebration was built on the universals of culture, i.e., food, sports & the arts. While these are a great starting point for understanding & appreciation, a deeper and more genuine understanding & appreciation are needed for communities to truly be integrated and functional as a multi-cultural community.

We deepend and enhanced the services offered through diverse learning opportunities led by certified diversity & inclusion trainers, stronger connections with the multitude of cultural, national and ethnic organizations from the region and strong working relationships with businesses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and civic organization.

Today Baraza stands as not only THE leading organization when looking for education focused on Africans/African cultures & refugees, we are a go to entity for diversity, inclusion, team building, & leadership training. We also specialize in cultural event planning.